Happy Thanksgiving

November 22, 2021

As you enjoy the holiday later this week, take a few moments to focus on the word, Thanks-Giving. Be sincerely Thankful for all you have and pledge to be more Giving. I can guarantee that you will be rewarded in some unique way.


An Anniversary and Transition to Cruise

October 19, 2021

Many of us have sat in a plane on the runway, getting ready for takeoff. We have heard the roar of the engines when the captain pushes up the throttles to full power, and we feel the plane begin to roll down the runway, slowly at first, and then faster and faster as it gains the speed to lift away from the earth. These are busy and critical times for the pilots as they maneuver the jet, position the flaps, set the power, and safely complete the transition to flight.



October 4, 2021

My oldest daughter got married on Saturday night. It was an incredible ceremony, and almost everyone I spoke with at the event voiced that same opinion. I’ve been to a lot of weddings, and they are all generally lovely events. Yet this wedding was different, and I don’t make that statement because of the natural prejudice that comes from being the Father of the Bride.


Your Comfort Zone

September 20, 2021

My primary car these days is a Tesla Model S sedan. I am sometimes asked how I like it, and my response now is that I will always own one. I have come to love the car for many of the reasons that made me hesitant to get it in the first place. I can distinctly remember telling my best friend, who owns one, that I would never buy an electric car. But this is not an article about the many features that make the Model S a dream car to own. It is about how pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone often leaves you in a better position than you were before.