You Can See Excellence

July 26, 2021

When I was looking for an airline pilot's job, I interviewed with Eastern and Delta during the same month. I was living in northern California at the time, and Eastern gave me a first-class ticket from San Francisco to Miami on an L-1011 jumbo jet. A couple of weeks later, Delta gave me a first-class ticket from San Francisco to Atlanta on an L-1011 jumbo jet. And that's where the similarities ended.


The Value of Practice

July 19, 2021

When I was an instructor pilot in the Air Force, my life in the jet was all about practice. On every student mission, all we did was practice. We trained so the student could learn and become proficient at the various maneuvers they were required to master. When two of us instructors flew together, we practiced both flying the acrobatics and our teaching techniques. We were teaching in fighter-type jets and knew that many of our students would have to repeat these kinds of tactics when they graduated to begin flying fighters in life-or-death situations.


The Power of a Flight Plan

July 12, 2021

I was down in my basement recently, rummaging through my old flight records. My mission was to see how much flying time I had accumulated over the years. As I leafed through my logbooks, the names of some of the more exotic and exciting places I had flown brought back fond and heart-warming memories. I miss those days. But I digress. Back to my mission: total flying time. When I added airline flying, military flying, and personal civilian flying time together, I calculated that I had 18,773 hours of being up in the air.