An Anniversary and Transition to Cruise

October 19, 2021

Many of us have sat in a plane on the runway, getting ready for takeoff. We have heard the roar of the engines when the captain pushes up the throttles to full power, and we feel the plane begin to roll down the runway, slowly at first, and then faster and faster as it gains the speed to lift away from the earth. These are busy and critical times for the pilots as they maneuver the jet, position the flaps, set the power, and safely complete the transition to flight.

The climb to altitude is much less taxing, and when the plane levels off for cruise, the pilot can set a significantly reduced power for the journey that lies ahead. The pilots have completed most of the initial busy work and can focus on other less time-critical duties to ensure the passengers have a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable flight.

One Year Anniversary

I have recently had an anniversary, and it marks the beginning of the cruise phase of my personal flight. A year ago, in October, I started writing Wing Tips as a resource to share some of the concepts and stories in my then-upcoming book, The Flight to Excellence: Soaring to New Heights in Business and Life. I had three goals associated with the effort.

  1. The first was to write a high-quality book that was an interesting read and, most importantly, provide valuable information to you. I wanted it to be for you and not about me.
  2. I wanted to have the book published and distributed in major markets by a reputable and respected publisher.
  3. Finally, I hoped to make a known Best Seller’s list, though this was a distant third ambition.  

Within the past year, I have achieved those goals and exceeded my expectations. The book has received almost all 5 Star reviews and key leadership endorsements. It has made Amazon’s Best Seller list in three categories and has been nominated for several awards. I’m humbled and appreciative of the positive response, which tells me that I have met my first and most important goal.

A Part of the Take Off

Wing Tips was a part of that hectic phase of flight when it was one of the many duties required of the captain to get the book off the ground. Now that the book is here for you and the landscape of Covid-19 has begun to change, I’m pulling back the power to focus on other enjoyable aspects of my journey. Wing Tips has developed a loyal following, and I am happy that it has benefited many of you. I want to continue to provide those insights, albeit on a reduced schedule. Flying forward, I’ll share an issue monthly.

One of the lessons I’ve learned over time and humbly share is that time is the most precious asset we all have. You can make more money and buy more stuff, but no matter how much money you have, you can never buy more time. Other enjoyable and time-consuming projects are past due, and I’m now giving them their owing attention. Selling books is still desirable but will take a lower priority in this cruise phase of my life.

A Quote To Consider!

“If we want to sincerely enjoy our lives, who we become along the way is
far more important than what we achieve.”

– Richie Norton