Captain “T”s new book on success is an Amazon Best Seller in the following three categories:

-Knowledge Capital
-Company Histories
-Communication In Management

2022 Gold Medalist in the AXIOM Business Book Awards in Entrepreneurship/ Small Business
Non Fiction Book Award Winner: GOLD

Soaring To New Heights in Business and Life

Attaining the unattainable is not just for the elite few. In fact, we can all accomplish much more in life than we ever considered possible. The question for most of us is HOW? How can we strive for things that we would really like to have but may seem impossible to achieve? How can we truly reach a high level of excellence in both our professional and personal life?


Captain William “T” Thompson uses his life’s challenges and personal story in The Flight to Excellence to show us how.

“T” proves that achieving unbelievable success is not only possible, but highly probable by following a proven method that he developed, refined and used during his entire career. He credits his P4 System (Principles, People, flight Plan and Performance) as the foundation that enabled him to literally pilot his way to success and ultimately become a multimillionaire in the process.

The Flight to Excellence takes us on a journey that inspires and instructs executives, entrepreneurs, and anyone with a strong desire to reach extraordinary heights in life. This book also offers a straightforward approach on how to build a “Culture of Excellence” in organizations and institutions by applying these clear concepts in a methodical process. The ultimate proof is in the captain’s own successes.


“T”‘s achievements as a USAF Academy grad, military pilot and entrepreneur are living proof of his successful methods for dreaming big and being your best, rather than striving for unreachable perfection. His words of wisdom in “Flight to Excellence” are a no-nonsense guide to life planning, whether you are facing big or little decisions."

USAA President & CEO

“In his captivating and motivational book, Captain “T” shares his tested and proven P4 system for succeeding in life, both professionally and personally. And he does so by telling authentic life stories, which make for a book that you will find hard to put down. “The Flight to Excellence” masterfully delivers a compelling pathway to achieving all your life ambitions.”

Janet Wolfenbarger
First Woman Four Star General, US Air Force

“T” Thompson is an accomplished aviator, attorney, former CEO, father, author and self-made man. His advice for how best to prepare for and pursue a principled life will have immense meaning for anyone who seeks to maximize one’s talent and find fulfillment in the lives we lead. Yes, even those who have already achieved success will find new lessons and sound advice in this inspiring and persuasive narrative.”

President, IDA; Former CEO, BENS; and 19th Air Force Chief of Staff

“Successful companies need a moral compass and a driven commitment to excellence. “T” Thompson provides this guidance in his book, “The Flight to Excellence”. The P4 system is an invaluable model!”

The Honorable T. Allan McArtor
Former FAA Administrator and Chairman of Airbus Americas

“The compelling principles espoused in this book fit Captain’s life to a “T”
(pun intended) ! It amply demonstrates that striving for excellence in all that one does is truly the key to success in all phases of life.”

Wayne A. Budd
Former Associate Atty General of the U.S. and Chairman, AAA 

“Wow! What a great Leadership book that I had trouble putting down.  It was that good! My friend and Classmate “T” Thompson has written a book that will make a profound difference in your personal and professional life. His book is a must read!”

Steve Lorenz
President, The Falcon Foundation and Retired 4 Star General

“Captain T”, the quintessential “Renaissance Man” has done it yet again, i.e., taken a trajectory outside  his core flight plan as a pilot, lawyer, businessman, government official, civic leader, philanthropist, and motivational commentator, to develop a world-class primer on personal development and business success.  As he is himself “a man for all seasons”, so too is this tome a vital handbook for folks in all stages of personal development to employ mechanisms to jet to their destiny.”

Fletcher “Flash” Wiley
General Counsel; Former Chairman, Boston Chamber of Commerce and Director, TJX Companies