While other speakers and consultants theorize about leadership, high achievement and organizational Excellence, Captain William ‘T’ Thompson is one of those rare and unique individuals who have actually lived it.

Staff Tribute to Captain 'T'


With numerous business and leadership honors, Captain William 'T' Thompson has been a frontline problem solver and speaker for over 35 years. He brings his lessons learned to your organization in dynamic and entertaining fashion.

Included among his many business honors are the Bank of America award for Outstanding Entrepreneurship,  Highest Percentage Increase Sales and Most Innovative Marketing Program in Subway’s 45,000 store system and AI's Most Innovative Business Leaders award. Captain “T” was also nominated for Inc. Magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year. Among his many civic honors include, Volunteer of the Year- American Cancer Society, Century Award-Boy Scouts of America, and Guardsman of the Year- National  Association of Guardsmen.


Captain 'T' returned to his alma mater as President and CEO of the Association of Graduates, which represents the 51,000 graduates of the Air Force Academy. Encountering a fractured graduate community and a broken governance structure, he applied the components of the P4 model to turn the ship around. Under his leadership, the Association enjoyed tremendous progress with local chapters growing from 31 to 87 and asset growth from $35 million to almost $60 million over a five-year period.


The first African-American from South Carolina to attend the US Air Force Academy.

On his first day of high school, Captain ‘T’ was escorted by US Marshals and the South Carolina Highway Patrol as he helped to integrate the previously all-white school in his Deep South hometown. Against overwhelming social and systematic challenges he went on to graduate with:

- National Merit academic honors
- All-American honors in football
- AAU recognition in track
- Appointments to two United States Service Academies

After graduating from the Academy, Captain 'T' has gone on to enjoy an eclectic, multifaceted and storied professional career.

United States Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel
Captain 'T' wearing a flight suit and posed next to a P-51 Mustang World War Two Fighter Plane

Airline captain, ATTORNEY, business man

A decorated U.S. Air Force Instructor Pilot and Delta Air Lines Captain 'T' also became a tax attorney and entrepreneur founding the Summit Group Companies. The company owned numerous fast food franchises; an engineering services concern, a technology company and engaged in extensive real estate development projects. Captain 'T's accomplishment have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Black Enterprise Magazine and numerous other media outlets.


A government leader, Captain 'T' has led state aviation agencies in two states for four governors, both Democrat and Republican. He is the longest serving Commissioner of Aeronautics in the Massachusetts agency’s history.

Large turbine engine from a passenger jet plane


Not only does he “talk the talk” in a dynamic yet entertaining way. He has “walked the walk” in both his personal and professional life.

Whether it’s a high-energy opening keynote, a long-term consulting engagement, or one-on-one personal coaching, Captain ‘T’ brings credibility, performance and, most importantly, client pleasing results. Not only does he “talk the talk” in a dynamic yet entertaining way. He has “walked the walk” in both his personal and professional life.