If you want a Keynote Speaker who delivers a “max power” presentation so your corporate meeting or association conference will really “take-off,” Captain ‘T’ delivers an “on time arrival” with hi-energy, relevant content, humor and style to set the tone for your entire event.

Captain 'T' - Influence 2019



Using the principles of flight as a metaphor, Captain 'T' uses his aviation background as an Air Force instructor pilot and an international airline captain to bring a captivating, and energetic message to your organization.

This presentation defines the meaning of Excellence and is geared to inspire and motivate your team to take action in the pursuit of Excellence every day; Excellence in pursuing your company’s mission and in being the best that they can possibly be in their personal lives.

Keeping your audience engaged and involved, he will share the components of the P4 model; Principles, a flight Plan, People and Performance; the key elements in building and sustaining a culture of Excellence.

Captain 'T' will share how he used the P4 model to overcome the challenges of integrating an all-white school in the Deep South and to become a decorated Air Force pilot, airline captain, lawyer and award winning entrepreneur. He’ll show how the model can be used by most people to achieve incredible results in most endeavors.


You don’t have to be the Captain to be a leader; we are all leaders in different aspects of our lives. To be a truly effective leader who gets measurable and sustainable results requires applying the fundamental traits of Excellence in a defined and consistent way.

The P4 model provides an ideal standard.


with Integrity as the foundational base


having a great flight crew, taking care of your passengers, and seeking the guidance of your instructor pilot (mentor) when needed.


knowing where you expect to land before you ever takeoff


it ultimately take performance to get the jet off the ground. Leaders have to take concerted action to move themselves and their teams forward

Captain 'T' has successfully used these principles to build an award winning multi-million dollar company and lead state agencies for four governors from both side of the aisle.   He’ll also show how using the model helped to turn around a major association and help it soar to new heights when he served as its president and CEO.


Pilots make critical decisions when traveling at high speeds in rapid and constantly changing environments as a matter of course. In business, innovation is moving at rapid speed, which makes competition tougher than it has ever been. How does your organization embrace transformation and accelerate performance to stay relevant in this fast changing environment?

Captain 'T' shares how organizational leaders can build the foundational skills required to innovate, reinvent and succeed when change occurs at breakneck speeds. The key elements to reinvention are:

  • Knowing How to Change When “life happens”
  • Concurring Fear
  • Moving Outside Your Comfort Zone
  • The Risk/Reward Calculation
  • Bringing Your Best

Learn how Captain 'T' used these reinvention skills to be selected as one of AI’s Most Innovative Business Leaders in 2015 and to earned “The Most Innovative Marketing Award” and “The Highest Percentage Increase in Sales Award” in Subway’s 44,000+ store system.


Just as no two flights are ever the same, Captain 'T' understands that each organization is different and each conference is unique. As such, he has the ability to customize his programs to address the specific needs and/or challenges faced by your organization. He’ll do the homework necessary to insure that the content you require is relevant and pertinent to the theme of your event and delivered in an entertaining and audience engaging way.