Your Comfort Zone

September 20, 2021

My primary car these days is a Tesla Model S sedan. I am sometimes asked how I like it, and my response now is that I will always own one. I have come to love the car for many of the reasons that made me hesitant to get it in the first place. I can distinctly remember telling my best friend, who owns one, that I would never buy an electric car. But this is not an article about the many features that make the Model S a dream car to own. It is about how pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone often leaves you in a better position than you were before.


Happy Labor Day!

September 6, 2021

I must honestly admit that I have never given much thought to the real meaning of Labor Day.It only takes a Google search to find the history and meaning of the celebration, but like most Americans, I’ve only viewed it as the holiday that marks the unofficial end of summer. The intention is evident in its name, which celebrates the American workers and their accomplishments. As most of us have been workers for a large part of our lives, it’s an opportunity for all of us to celebrate.