The Profit of Belief

March 29, 2021

The power of belief has been a fundamental part of our existence from time immemorial. It has been discussed, written about, and experienced for eons. Whether it’s belief in a higher religious being and the power of prayer or a belief in the power of positive thinking for self-improvement, belief is a remarkable concept that has affected and guided billions of people at some level throughout the ages. It is ironic, then, that many of us can have such a strong belief in external things we can’t control but lack belief in ourselves.

Thinking big and pushing yourself to get out of your comfort zone are bona fide ways to build a strong sense of belief in yourself. Have you ever wondered why all companies, organizations, and people don’t perform at high levels of excellence? Because most don’t believe they can. 

The Air Force Academy and Belief

I’m sometimes asked what it was like to go to a military service academy. My answer is immediate and always the same. The Air Force Academy experience taught me that I could do much more than I ever thought I could. We were forced to do more, like the time spent in a simulated POW camp, and quite honestly, if I had been left to my own devices, I may have failed the task. But failure wasn’t an option at the Academy, so surviving those experiences built a tremendous amount of self-confidence. You leave the Academy believing that there isn’t much in life that you can’t accomplish if you just decide that you want to. But you don’t have to go to a service academy to build a strong sense of belief.

I was with a dear friend some years ago as she was reviewing her small business’s year-end results and setting her revenue goals for the following year. For the closing year, she had averaged over $5,000 a week and was developing a plan for the coming year of $ 7,000 a week, about a 40% increase which, granted, was an aggressive goal. I asked, “Why not set a goal of $10,000 a week?” 

Belief and Profit

Her immediate response was, “I could never do $10,000 a week. That would be double what I am doing now.” I told her I believed she could, and more importantly, if she believed she could, it would happen. I offered her some strategic advice and we went through several scenarios of what it would take to double her revenue. For example, she could add a higher revenue service, and with increased marketing, she could pick up an additional one or two customers a day. This could result in 260-520 new customers in the next year. After our discussion, she began to think about the possibilities differently as she began to implement some of the scenarios we had discussed. As some of her actions began to bear fruit, her belief that she could do more grew. Her success bred greater confidence in herself, and with stronger belief and more strategic discussions, additional success followed. By the end of that next year, a $12,000-week was a slow week for her, and today my friend has a growing seven-figure business. She had literally changed her thinking and produced wealth beyond her initial beliefs. 

It’s no cliché to say, “Change your beliefs, and you can change your life.”

A Quote To Consider!

“If I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning.”

Mahatma Gandhi